Next Generation Alpine Farmers 2030

Agriculture in the Alpine region is diverse, rich in tradition and valuable for the biodiversity in this pristine mountain area. At the same time the future of the alpine farming industry is often characterized by uncertainty. As potential successor or heirs of their parents’ farms, young people are confronted with the decision whether to remain in the area and to take over the family’s business or to leave the region due to a lack of options regarding the future development of the farming industry.

Contribution to the regional added value
Agricultural fields and pastures form a distinctive and cultivated landscape that not only constitutes the foundation for biodiversity, alpine tourism, living culture and tradition in the Alps, but also contributes significantly to the regional added value in many areas of the Alpine region. The continuity of farming in the Alps is only possible, if there are enough well-educated next-generation farmers and successors that are motivated to take over the establishments of their families and are simultaneously able to identify development opportunities for themselves in the Alpine region. Political instruments such as the development of a Common Agricultural Policy (GAP) on the European level or the EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) attempt to assist in shaping the opportunities for development. This project will break new ground and motivate and reinforce the youth to introduce their own ideas to discussions with implication on the alpine agriculture.

An innovative, trend-setting project
Within its presidency of the EUSALP in 2017, Bavaria initiated an innovative, trend-setting project that creates a dialogue particularly involving the next generation of the alpine agricultural farmers. This cross-regional study brings farm successors, young adults working in the mountain area and experts of the Alpine region together to define the major challenges such as climate change, biodiversity, options for income diversification.

Development of new concepts
Through the active involvement of the next generation and responsible political parties, new concepts can be developed to improve the outlook on the future in the Alpine region. For example, cross-sectorial solutions as well as new working schemes and lifestyles could be facilitated by digitalization. In this context, technological progress adapted to the needs of this region and innovations fitted to the alpine agriculture play a crucial role. Diversification within the agricultural sector holds a special significance since it may offer secondary sources of income. Also, the conscious cooperation of the core mountainous areas and the surrounding metropolitan areas offers new opportunities and future perspectives.

Ensure a livable alpine agricultural sector
This “Next Generation 2030” project aims to produce political recommendations on regional, national and European level that make a difference for the young farmers in the Alpine region by ensuring that the alpine agricultural sector is livable in terms of income and quality of life.


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